The following are links to some of the news stories and Op-Eds Bonnie has written or been a part of.

Sacramento Bee
When Women Don't Lead, We Pay a High Price
May 18,2015

San Francisco Chronicle Editorial Board
Bringing digital learning to California schools

December 03 2010

The Sacramento Bee
To fix our schools, unions must let go of status quo

Oct. 27, 2010

Los Angeles Times
Value-added Approach to Evaluating Teachers

August 22, 2010

The Sacramento Bee
State ready to settle schools lawsuit, contingent on reforms
Aug. 06, 2010 

The Huffington Post
The Governor Cannot Fix Our Budget Problems Alone

April 27, 2010 

Pegasus Operating Advisors Terry Tamminen and Bonnie Reiss Play Critical Role as Architects of Governors' Global Climate Summi
Dec 2, 2008 

The Case for Mentorship

August 25th, 2008 

NBC Sacramento
Schools System Embrace New Technology
December 17, 2010

Fox Business Network
AJ Duffy And Bonnie Reiss Discuss California Teachers’ Effectiveness, Failing Curriculum
August 17th 2010 

Milken Institute
Restoring California's Promise
October 19th 2010

Global Green
Sustainable Design Awards 2009

ABC World News Tonight
Environment in the News

March 1, 1990

MacNeil Leher Newshour, PBS
Hollywood Women’s Political Committee
June 22, 1987


NPR, Southern California
Judge orders injunction against LAUSD teacher layoffs in ACLU lawsuit

May 13, 2010

NPR, Southern California
Education reforms at work? Washington D.C. fires 241 underperforming teachers

July 26th 2010

NPR, Southern California
California selected as finalist for federal Race to the Top education funds

July 27, 2010

NPR, Southern California
Final leg in Race to the Top, California makes case for federal education money

August 9th 2010

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